2 bucks have been found in North Dakota this winter with severed deer heads caught in antlers

To find one is unlikely, to find two is insane.

Just a normal winter in North Dakota, finding deer wandering around with the severed heads of other deer caught in their antlers.

Wait, what?

That's what's happened not once, but twice in the past six weeks across the border.

The Forum News Service reported a couple weeks ago that a trail cam captured footage dating back to late December of a buck dragging around the decapitated head of another deer in its antlers near Walhalla.

And then just this week, Jason Cosley, of Pembina, came across another deer stuck in the same predicament.

He uploaded the following pictures and videos to Facebook on Wednesday, which you can see at the bottom of this page (be warned, the images are graphic).

How did this happen?

The cause of both deer deaths is subject to speculation.

Jim Brown, who found the first deer, suggested to the Forum News Service that the deer might have lost its head during the fall rut as it sparred over mates.

As for the one Cosley found, he said on his Facebook post he thinks coyotes got to it (some time ago given the exposed vertebrae hanging down from the head.)

"Thought the deer was dead at first until I got up to it and it started trying to walk away, no idea how long they’ve been stuck together but the coyotes sure did a number on the other one," he wrote.

He then disentangled the head from the deer.

He told the Forum that judging by the racks and how they were entangled, it's a different deer from the one found in Walhalla.

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