2 Minnesotans among contestants in controversial 'Big Brother' house


Two of the 16 strangers taking part in the new season of CBS' reality competition "Big Brother 15" are Minnesotans -- and each of them are caught up in the controversy stemming from offensive comments made during the show's 24-hour live Internet feed and other media platforms used in connection with the show.

Kaitlin Barnaby, 23, from Minneapolis, and McCrae Olson, 23, from Maple Grove are two of the houseguests on "Big Brother 15." The show has come under fire this month after some of the contestants allegedly used racist, homophobic or misogynistic remarks during the feed, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

CBS issued a statement last week saying it doesn't condone the remarks made during 24/7 feed of "Big Brother 15." On Sunday, the show aired some of the comments from the "worst offenders," THR says.

In a Star Tribune commentary piece titled "'Big Brother' sinks to a disgusting new low," the paper cites a report on the site RealityBlurred.com, where Barnaby and Olson are among the houseguests called out for their alleged comments.

In the Reality Blurred article, Barnaby is quoted as saying that she likes gay people, but that they're "untrustworthy in an a game like this." The blog also notes that Olson made a sexually charged remark on Twitter and links to the remark -- which is accompanied by the hashtag #bb15, alluding to "Big Brother 15."

Some of the alleged slurs used by the houseguests have cost them outside of the show. Aaryn Gries was dropped by her talent agent and her gig as a representative with a Texas-based magazine, while GinaMarie Zimmerman has lost her job with the East Coast USA Pageant.

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