2 of America's richest zip codes are in Minnesota

No prizes for guessing where.
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Two Minnesota zip codes are among the richest areas to live in the country.

Bloomberg Business has compiled a top 200 of the richest zip codes in the U.S., which is topped by Fisher Island, in Miami Beach.

The top 10 is dominated by exclusive communities in Florida, California, New York and Illinois, with Minnesota's two richest not even breaking the top 100.


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Nonetheless, it probably doesn't come as a surprise to many of you that the state's richest zip codes – which are ranked by average incomes – can be found in Wayzata and Edina.

In 113th place nationally and 11th in the Midwest is the Wayzata/Minnetonka zip code 55391, which covers a broad area including western Minnetonka, Wayzata, Woodland, Deephaven, Minnetonka Beach and Orono.

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The average adjusted gross income in this zip is a whopping $345,200, Bloomberg says, while the average home price in the area is $580,000.

In 151st nationally and 16th in the Midwest is the Edina zip 55424 – which covers 50th and France and the area to the west.

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The average gross income in this area is $312,900, while house prices are even steeper, averaging $720,000.

The richest zip code in the Midwest is Kenilworth in Chicago, which is just down the road from Winnetka – home to the "Home Alone" house – and has an average income of $861,000.

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