3 Minnesota breweries feature in 'coolest beer can' list

Minnesota craft breweries comprise one-tenth of the "coolest" list.

Craft beer has turned the beer industry on its head – but it's also making waves in graphic design.

Enter a walk-in cooler at any Twin Cities liquor store and you're confronted with an explosion of colors, contours and fonts leaping off the aluminum cans stacked on the shelves.

While the major domestic brands have tried-and-tested designs that have existed in some form or another for decades, the surge seen in craft beer over the past decade has seen upstart brewers experiment with design as they seek to stand out in the crowd.

This week, cloud-based interactive content company Ceros has highlighted "The 30 Best-Looking Beer Cans in America" and lo and behold, three Minnesota breweries are featured.

They are:

  • Fair State Brewing Co-op, Minneapolis.
  • Bauhaus Brew Labs, Minneapolis.
  • Big Axe Brewing, Nisswa.

Fair State gets a shout out for its "infinity-pint design and unique color scheme," with co-founder Evan Sallee telling Ceros: "You look at each can and bottle, and you know it's a Fair State beer."


– The cast of 'Super Troopers' will hang out at Bauhaus.

Bauhaus, whose cans are inspired by the German modernist design studio of the same name, was designed by the Helms Workshop in Texas, which said its primary color scheme is "unconventional for the craft beverage shelf."

Meanwhile Big Axe's wood-loving, imaginary creature-emblazoned designs such as the Axe Kicker, Agropelter and Wapaloosie speak to its outdoors-focused brand, Ceros says.

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