4 questions: A flight with Lupine Brewing Company ????

"I like every single thing that you're doing" – it's the best compliment Lupine has gotten.

We’re highlighting Minnesota’s 100-plus craft breweries with our flight series – four questions for the people behind the beer. This week is Lupine Brewing Company. 

Lupine Brewing Company started brewing in St. Cloud in October 2014 before moving to River Street in Delano in 2015, where they focus on making well-balanced, easy-drinking beers and connecting with the community.

"Each one of our [beer] recipes can stand alone – it's not like we're using one recipe and changing this or changing that. Every single recipe is created independent of everything else so they're all unique, which is really neat," James Anderle, the president of Lupine, told GoMN.

I sat down with Anderle last month to sample a bunch of the beers they had on tap, including Murder of Cranberries (an oatmeal stout), Lupine IPA, and Tommy Tea-Toedlr (a black lager infused with tea – it's one of their many beers made with tea).

What's the best reaction you've gotten from someone to one of your beers?

"When people come order a flight of our beers and they tell me 'there's not one beer on this flight that I don't like ... I can't say that about other breweries we went to' – that feels good to me, when people come in and say 'I like every single thing that you're doing,'" Anderle said.

What's a misconception people have of those who work in the craft brewing industry?

"Not everybody has a beard," Anderle said. "We're not all hipster millennials. ... But you saw our brewer has a beard, so he fits the profile."

What is the beer you tried that made you want to start a brewery?

"Until I opened the brewery, I was a Summit EPA drinker for probably 20 years, so I have to say I went from Summit to Lupine." Anderle said.

What beer is in your fridge right now?

"Nothing. Honestly I don't. I have a brewery – it's all here," Anderle said.

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