5 Twin Cities neighborhood bars to watch Super Bowl LII

Get off the main drag in Minneapolis and St. Paul for the big game.

Anyone lucky enough to have a quality bar in their own 'hood knows how great it is to have a party with friends and not have to clean up or drive home when it's over.


5 Twin Cities restaurants for families to watch Super Bowl LII

5 Twin Cities restaurants for foodies to watch Super Bowl LII

Here are five Twin Cities spots that aren't full-on sports bars, but will still be fun places to watch Super Bowl LII.


This longtime, beloved neighborhood dive was recently saved from going the way of the condo and was adopted by the couple who owns and operates Nightingale, another beloved Uptown bar on the other end of Lyndale Avenue. The duo vows to keep the gritty integrity of the place intact, but are in the process of adding better food-- think killer fried chicken sandwiches, for starters. On Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy one while watching the game on a 10-foot screen.

Liquor Lyle’s

Every day is special at Liquor Lyle's, Uptown's stalwart dive. It's almost always happy hour – two-for-ones go all day until 6 p.m. – seriously. Beyond that, the bar grub is great, and by that we mean greasy and cheap, and the screens are abundant and loud. On Super Bowl Sunday, they'll be offering even more special deals, plus some "great giveaways."


Love the idea, or hate it, Nye's Polonaise Room is back – kind of. Once deemed one of the greatest bars in America, it heartbreakingly parted with Northeast last year, but has been resurrected in a new form. What better time to check it out than on the greatest sports event of the decade for our city? There is only one screen, and the game will be playing on it. Decide for yourself if there is indeed only one Nye's after all.


As real-deal a neighborhood bar as they come, Skinner's is a paragon of unpretentiousness, affordability, and pizza! Yes, pizza. Theirs is sort of legendary (eat here and then report back on whether or not you become a believer in the MN-style pie). And on Vikings game days, Skinner's gives that pizza away for free at half-time (with purchase of a beverage) so there's at least one more reason to pray that the Vikes make it to the Super Bowl. 

Grumpy’s Northeast 

The northeast bar that needs no introduction, Grumpy's will be ground zero for football shenanigans. Go to Grumpy's for hot Heggie's Pizza, stylish wood paneling, and well-worn bar stools, and on Super Bowl Sunday, enjoy $2 Miller Light Taps and half-price appetizers throughout the game. 

Kelly’s Depot 

Now that Lowertown is trendy, remember that there are still a few old standbys standing, including Kelly's Depot. The place opens early (sometimes you just need a drink at 10 a.m.) and still cooks from scratch on an old-school, behind-the-bar grill. Their simple, but mighty, bar burgers are life-changing, as is the family-owned hospitality. The $2.25 tacos all day long on Sundays will go nicely with the game. 

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