8-year-old gets rock-star treatment for front-porch piano concert

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A little rain didn't stop a few hundred people from turning out Saturday afternoon for a front-porch piano concert by 8-year old Dylan Spoering, who lives in the Uptown area of Minneapolis.

Dylan was putting up some cardboard signs around his neighborhood earlier this week to advertise his free concert, when one of those neighbors noticed and asked Dylan's parents to allow him to create a Facebook event page in hopes of attracting a few more people, according to the Current.org.

It turned into something quite a lot bigger than they expected when the Facebook invitation went viral and several media outlets picked up on it.

As a result, a couple of hundred people huddled under umbrellas on Dylan's front lawn Saturday afternoon and gave him rock-star treatment as he played a typical 8-year-old pianist's repertoire. He got big applause, whistles and cheers after each piece. (Photo by Tony Franklin via Facebook)

Some folks held signs that said "Dylan Rocks," FOX 9 reports.

During intermission, Dylan and a few of his friends gave out homemade cookies to the audience.

After he finished his last song, Dylan invited the crowd to an ice cream social which was being held at the park across the street. But not before performing an encore, "I've Got Music."

Another friend set up a live video stream of the concert, and nearly 10,000 people watched at least part of it, according to FOX 9. Here's the video:

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