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A baby giraffe was born at Como Zoo

Welcome to the world, little one!

St. Paul's Como Zoo has a new addition. 

Friday evening, the zoo posted to Facebook that its pregnant giraffe, Clover, had gone into labor. 

"We're going to be welcoming a new resident to Como very, very soon!" Como posted along with a photo of the mom. 

Unlike April the giraffe's birth – which was live streamed from February to April – Clover's is being done in private. 

"No live feed," the zoo responded to some curious fans on Facebook. "Mom is taking care of the baby behind-the-scenes."

The zoo hadn't posted any other photos as of Saturday afternoon. However, the zoo has commented on its original post that the baby has been born. 

"Not sure on the gender yet. Mom is doing her job and being very protective of the newborn," the zoo wrote. 

If you're getting excited to see this little one, you'll have to be patient. The zoo said it could be several weeks before its public debut.

This is Clover's seventh calf. 

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