A big change to Snapchat – save some of your snaps forever

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Your snaps will be able to live forever – if you want them to.

Snapchat says it's introducing a new feature called Memories. You'll have an option on your screen to save your snaps to the Memories, where they'll be saved for as long as you want.

You can see how it's supposed to work in this promo video, which has an incredibly awkward ending.


It's a pretty big step for an app that was built on things disappearing quickly and not sticking around. It was attractive enough that back in April, people were watching 10 billion videos on Snapchat a day, Bloomberg reported.

They'll be searchable by keyword, so you can find your memories quickly. And you can use the older snaps you have saved there to create new stories – there will be a frame around it if you post it to you Story, so people know it's more than a day old.

There's also a "My Eyes Only" feature to hide snaps or Stories that you want to keep private, even when showing stuff to your friends. The Verge says you have to enter a pin to see them.

The Memories feature will be rolled out over the next month or so, Snapchat says, and you'll get a chat from them when it's ready to use.

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