A blow to your childhood: The movie theater at Mall of America is closing

You'll have to go see "Rogue One" somewhere else.

Want to go see the new Star Wars at the Mall of America? Well, you'll have to pick another movie theater – the one at the megamall is closing.

The 14-screen Theatres at Mall of America will close at the end of the day on Dec. 28, an MOA spokesperson told GoMN.

Apparently the mall is making room for an "entertainment venue" which will open next year. But no details on what exactly that includes are being given at this time.

Here's MOA's official statement:

“Over the past 24 years Mall of America has continually transformed, evolved and refreshed itself. After a successful eight-year run, Theaters at Mall of America will close at the end of day on December 28, 2016 to make way for a new, first-to-market entertainment venue which will open in late 2017."

The statement also says all current theater employees have been offered other positions within the mall.

Theatres at MOA also tweeted about it after people couldn't find tickets to Rogue One:

More information on the new venue is supposed to be released in early January.

A music/entertainment venue actually tried to open in MOA a couple years ago, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal says, but the owners were evicted due to financial struggles.

Earlier this week, the mall opened a virtual reality arcade with a go-kart track.

Ah the memories

If you grew up going to the theater at the mall, getting your 13-year-old self in after curfew on Fridays and Saturdays with the 'We're seeing a movie!' excuse, then this is something of a blow to your childhood.

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