A day in the life of an 'American Idol' wannabe


Aspiring singers from around the area lined up outside the University of Minnesota's Mariucci Arena Wednesday for a chance to audition for "American Idol."

So what's it like to audition for the show? Based on tweets, Instagram photos and videos from the day of auditions there was a lot of waiting in line and singing – a lot of singing.

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The morning wait

Ryan Seacrest arrives

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Getting inside

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Auditions begin

So what are the judges looking for this year?

"Originality, this is obviously a music area, a lot of great music from here including one of the most famous pop icons of all time, Prince. I think originality is something the judges set out to find each year, and we don't really know what that means until we start seeing the contestants," Seacrest told FOX 9.

The Star Tribune reported that close to 2,000 people lined up outside the arena for a chance to audition for show.

Did you miss out on the Minneapolis auditions? Prospective contestants can also submit their auditions online through July 1. Live auditions will be also be held in such places as Nashville, New Orleans, Kansas City, Missouri and San Francisco.

“American Idol” last held auditions in Minneapolis in 2006, when more than 10,000 singers tried out for the show.

The Star Tribune says no Minnesotan has ever won the competition. The last Minnesotan to be featured on the show was Dajonte Lenear of Plymouth, who made it to the Hollywood Round of the show in January before being eliminated.

Several Minnesota performers have also made it on NBC’s singing competition, “The Voice.” Minneapolis singer Kat Perkins made it to the top five contestants on “The Voice” last month. And Nicholas David of Eagan finished third on the program in December 2012.

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