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A Fargo Little Caesars saw someone searching their dumpster for a meal – so is offering them free pizza

They'd seen the person digging through the dumpster for food.

A Little Caesars in Fargo is being praised for offering a person seen digging through the trash some free pizza.

The pizza shop on 1020 19th Ave. N. had a sign posted on a window saying in part: "You're a human being and worth more than a meal from the dumpster." 

If it seems familiar, it's the same language an Oklahoma restaurant owner used in a similar situation a couple years ago.

A photo of the Fargo Little Caesars message was tweeted by Rachel Nistler on Aug. 27.

"Very impressed with @littlecaesars in North Fargo," she wrote with it. On Facebook Nistler said she was babysitting when she saw the note and "needed to share Little Casear's goodness." 

She also spoke with InForum about it.

The response has been, as expected, quite positive.

The paper has previously written about good deeds from this particular Little Caesars location (which, for the record is not the one that briefly shut down because of maggots, as this Twitter user pointed out).

Any $5 pizzas that go past the 30-minute expiration mark are donated to homeless shelters, InForum reported in an earlier story. And there's a collection box at the shop that customers donate to. It paid for 54,000 slices for people in need last year, according to the paper.

A lot of people deal with food insecurity

Food insecurity, according to the USDA, is not having access to enough foods to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and having limited or uncertain availability of food that's adequately nutritious.

And this exists in almost every community in the United States.

Feeding America says one in seven Americans struggle to get enough food to eat. That's about 48 million people.

In Minnesota, about one in 10 households are affected by hunger.

This map by Feeding America lets you explore food insecurity rates by county, or sift through the data in this table.

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