A medical emergency lands Doomtree's Mike Mictlan in intensive care for 4 days

Donations are pouring in to help the rapper, who doesn't have insurance.

Mike Mictlan thought it was a stomach issue.

Mictlan, one of the founding Doomtree members, explains in an online post he'd felt sick for days, but chalked it up to his gut.

But his health abruptly went downhill.

Mictlan was rushed to the ER, then spent four days in an intensive care as unit as doctors worked to stabilize certain blood levels.

He found out he was suffering from a potentially deadly health complication known as DKA. 

DKA stands for Diabetic Ketoacidosis. It's a build-up of acids in the blood (known as ketones) that can happen if diabetes goes untreated.

And Mictlan's diabetes went untreated for months – because it hadn't ever been diagnosed. 

He's doing better now, and went home with a new disease to manage: Type 1 diabetes.

With no insurance, he's facing steep bills

In a GoFundMe created Thursday, Mictlan laid out his dilemma.

He's waiting on medical assistance that will help with most of the medical costs.

"But right now all of the extra daily expenses, doctor visits, and medicine far exceed what I can currently afford," he said.

So he started the GoFundMe to ask for help covering these initial costs, beginning his post with a confession that this is "hard for me to write."

"I greatly appreciate all the love, help, and support," Mictlan wrote.

And he's gotten a lot of it.

His goal was to raise $10,000. One day in, the GoFundMe is well past $11,000.

Sweet Relief Musicians Fund says the average income of a musician is less than $25,000 a year, and more than 65 percent of professional musicians don't have health insurance.

And that's a huge issue, especially those who have never hit it big, or had some success years ago only to taper off. As the Washington Post explained in this story, streaming music doesn't pay nearly as much as royalties from album sales did. 

That leaves touring and merch sales as a main source of income, but that's unreliable. And if you're sick, touring isn't necessarily easy.

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