A Minnesota family competes in an upcoming episode of 'Family Feud'

They will appear in two episodes later this month.
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Name a Minnesota family that could crush the competition on Family Feud. The Hall family from Minneapolis could be the number one answer on the board. 

The Halls will appear on two upcoming episodes of the popular game show, a PR spokeswoman told GoMN. The episodes will air Wednesday, Sept. 13 andThursday, Sept. 14. You can check your local listings here.

Obviously she couldn't say whether the Halls won. But if the family is in two episodes on consecutive days, that implies that they won their first day and came back for a second as returning champions.

On the other hand, it's possible the same episode is just being aired two days in a row.

If you've somehow never watched "The Feud," the show pits family against family as they pick the most common answers given from a survey of 100 people. 

The first family to score 300 points wins the game and advances to the bonus round for a chance to win $20,000. They also come back as returning champions in the next episode (similar to Jeopardy). Fandom explains families can return up to five times (maximum winnings of $100,000), and if they win all five days, they also get a brand new car.

Family Feud got its start in 1976, according to IMDB, with Richard Dawson as the original host. 

After a three-year hiatus from 1985-88, it was brought back with Ray Combs as the host, and brought back again after a four-year break in 1999 with Minnesota native Louie Anderson in charge. Current host Steve Harvey has been there since 2010.

Minnesota families were invited to audition for the show last fall.

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