A MN writer's first novel is up for a big literary prize

Emily Fridlund's book is set in the north woods

Emily Fridlund has only written one novel and it's pretty obvious now that she hit a home run with it.

Fridlund's debut, A History of Wolves, was nominated this week for the Man Booker Prize, which is one of the most prestigious awards for books written in English.

Fridlund is a Twin Cities native who's now on the English faculty at Cornell University.

A History of Wolves is a coming of age story about a 14-year-old girl living on the edge of the woods in northern Minnesota. You can learn more about it by reading the good reviews it got from National Public Radio, The Guardian, or the Star Tribune.

It's published by Grove Atlantic and you can buy it here.

The Man Booker Prize

The Man Booker Prize is the biggest deal in British literature. It was launched in 1969 and for a long time it was only awarded to British writers. But, as The Atlantic notes, the ground rules were changed in 2014 and now any English language book that's published in the U.K. is eligible.

Fridlund is one of 13 authors who were named to "the long list" of candidates for this year's prize. She's one of four Americans on the list (Colson Whitehead, George Saunders, and Paul Auster are the others.) Later there will be a short list of six finalists before the winner is named. The winner receives a cash prize of 50,000 British pounds, while the shortlisted writers get 2,500 pounds.

In 2015 the Man Booker Prize went to Marlon James, a professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, for his book A Brief History of Seven Killings. James, a native of Jamaica, is now Writer-in-Residence at Macalester.

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