'A nanny? You're a rock star': Kat Perkins cracks the top 10 on 'The Voice'


Minneapolis singer Kat Perkins worked some magic on The Voice this week and learned Tuesday night that she's among the top 10 contestants on this year's edition of the NBC show.

The Pioneer Press reports Perkins was the second singer named to the top 10, meaning she'll be back on the air next week for another round of vocalizing.

Perkins calls Minneapolis home now and explains on her website that she's a nanny by day and performs music at night.

She's originally from North Dakota, though, and fans in that state are tracking her progress just like their Minnesota neighbors.

The Grand Forks Herald notes that the coaches on the show raved about her performance Monday of Heart's "Magic Man," with country star Blake Shelton commenting "She was a nanny? What in the world? You are a rock star."

Perkins quickly tweeted gratitude to fans who supported her with online votes.

While Tuesday's show provided the results, it was Monday's performance that let Perkins clear her latest hurdle.

When her top 10 spot was secured there was lots of Minnesota love for Perkins going around.

Why not as much from North Dakota? Well, did we mention that Kat's North Dakota roots are in Scranton?

You know ... Scranton.

In the far southwest corner of the state. Railroad and coal mining town.

2010 population: 281.

Its Wikipedia page has a photo of the business district:

Well, it's likely Kat now ranks among the biggest names to come from Scranton. And we're guessing they'll be watching The Voice next Monday in at least one of the buildings pictured above.

Kat is among the contestants being coached by Adam Levine of Maroon 5. On Tuesday's show Levine took the stage along with his proteges to sing Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer."

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