A new Prince documentary promises to explore the final year of his life

That includes his cherished Piano & A Microphone tour.

It's the scarcity that makes video of Prince's last ever live performance such a treasured commodity.

On April 14, the Purple One played two shows at Atlanta's Fox Theatre as part of his Piano & A Microphone tour – offering a rare look at a sonically stripped down, vulnerable Prince. He would never perform live publicly again.

Despite a strict no-filming policy, a few videos snuck out.

But there are only a handful, and none are high quality.

"A big hug for the one who can point me to more footage or better quality footage of this concert," another YouTuber wrote.

A new documentary being produced in the UK promises to shed light on that final tour, and offer a glimpse into the dwindling days of Prince's life.

Titled Prince's Last Year, Channel 4 says the "extraordinary access" it obtained will follow the music legend "from a secret gig at The White House to his first ever solo concerts, called the Piano & a Microphone tour."

The days before his shocking death will also be explored.

The documentary will be an hour long, and feature interviews with some of those who knew him, including commentator Van Jones, singer Eryn Allen Kane, and former girlfriend Andy Allo. 


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Channel 4 hasn't said when the documentary will be released, nor whether there will be a U.S. showing. It's being directed by Adrian Sibley, who has helmed a number of entertainment-related TV pieces.

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