A supermarket chain is bringing Mark Wahlberg's restaurant to the Twin Cities

The first will be in the Twin Cities next year.

Hy-Vee has picked up a powerful new ally in the Twin Cities grocery wars: Mark Wahlberg – or, more specifically, the burger restaurant owned by the celebrity and his two brothers.

The Iowa supermarket chain has announced a plan to open 26 Wahlburgers locations in its stores throughout the Midwest, a move that will nearly double the burger brand's current restaurants. 

And judging by this official map of where the locations will be, we can expect at least two in Minnesota. 

In an interview with the Business Journal, Hy-Vee's executive vice president said "you’ll probably see three to four in Minneapolis proper for sure," and added, "you won’t see them all at the same time but you’ll see one in Minnesota in 2018."

The first Hy-Vee-owned Wahlburgers will open next year in the grocery chain's home city of West Des Moines, Iowa.

The burger chain was founded in Boston in 2014 by chef Paul Wahlberg along with brothers Mark and Donnie (who is an actor as well, but probably best known as a member of New Kids on the Block). It's also the setting of an A&E reality TV show of the same name.

The Wahlburgers deal makes Hy-Vee the Boston chain's "largest single franchisee," the news release says, and it's part of larger expansion that will also bring Orangetheory Fitness locations into Hy-Vee stores.

The partnership with the Florida-based gym chain, the supermarket says, "creates an integrated fitness component to bolster Hy-Vee’s focus on health and wellness."

Hy-Vee entered the crowded Twin Cities grocery scene in 2015

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