A Twin Cities murder case will be in the prime-time TV spotlight next week

The 18-year-old's disappearance shocked her family in 2013

As many reality TV fans will tell you, murder mysteries can be more compelling when the stories are true. 

The folks behind the Discovery Channel have a whole network specializing in true crime stories. And one of the newest shows on Investigation Discovery is about to air a documentary on a notorious Twin Cities murder. 

Next Tuesday's show will be only the third episode of Grave Mysteriesandit will be devoted to the 2013 murder of a young St. Paul woman, Brittany Clardy.

Here's how the TV Guide blurb describes the episode, which is called "A Secret Life": 

"When 18-year old Brittany Clardy starts dating an older man, her life veers from model student to lost soul. And when the teenager disappears, her family panics. Now, investigators must unravel her complicated life filled with secrets and regret."

If you don't remember this case and want to see it unfold before you, then tune in to the Investigation Discovery network next Tuesday at 9 p.m. or watch it later here.

Spoiler alert: Here's what happened

If you were in Minnesota in 2013 the name Brittany Clardy might sound familiar because there was a search for her after she was reported missing on February 11. 

It was 10 days later when Clardy's frozen body was found hidden in her car, which had been towed to an impound lot after it was left in front of a Brooklyn Park apartment complex. 

The investigation revealed that – without her family knowing about it – Clardy had gotten involved in prostitution. 

Prosecutors charged a man who said he had contacted Clardy through backpage.com and drove to a home in Brooklyn Park to have sex with her. 

When Alberto Palmer eventually confessed to the murder he said he had argued with Clardy over his payment, then hit her in the head with a hammer several times, killing her.

Palmer, 25, also confessed to a similar killing involving a 24 year old woman whose body was also found in a car trunk a few months after Clardy's death. 

Under his guilty plea, he was sentenced to 40 years for Clardy's death and got a life sentence for killing the other woman, Klaressa Cook. 

The Star Tribune reported Palmer's plea deal included a chance that he could be released from prison at age 85. 

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