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Act fast if you want to try Modist Brewing's limited 'Dilly Dilly' beer before it runs out

There aren't many kegs left of the beer that prompted Anheuser-Busch to send a cease and desist order via scroll.

When Modist Brewing Company dubbed one of its beers "Dilly Dilly" after a popular Bud Light commercial, they knew the name probably wouldn't fly with Anheuser-Busch. 

But they never could've imagined the global beer giant would send a Town Crier to deliver a cease and desist order

Just a couple hours after the beer's Friday release, a man dressed in medieval costume arrived at the brewery and read a scroll, demanding Modist rename its Mosaic Double IPA or face "a private tour of the pit of misery." 

Eric Paredes, Chief Manager of Modist Brewing told GoMN they were "fully expecting" a cease and desist, or some sort of action from ABInBev to protect its trademark. 

"We just didn’t expect them to do it with such class and humor," Paredes said.

Modist also didn't anticipate the national attention its Dilly Dilly beer would receive. Paredes said the launch was an intentional poke at Big Beer and a way to have fun with the local craft community.

"We thought maybe this would get a reaction from a few hundred people here in the Twin Cities. We certainly did not expect it to blow up the way it did," he said.

Within hours of receiving the C & D scroll, requests for beer and information came pouring in from people all over the country. Modist was so overwhelmed with inquiries they created a "Whoa, Dilly..." FAQ page.

"We understand that all the attention has more to do with the way Bud Light handled it," Paredes said. "They are savvy marketers and this approach turned out to be a win-win really."

The beer was always planned to be a limited release, even before it was named Dilly, Dilly. Which means Modist only produced a small batch.

And with the added attention bringing more people into the taproom over the weekend, the brewery only has five kegs left as of Monday afternoon.

"This has been one of our more popular limited release beers and at the current rate of consumption, we expect to run through what’s left by the end of this week," Paredes said.

So if you want to try it before it's gone, get to the taproom (505 N. 3rd St. in Minneapolis) ASAP.

Wait, so who gets those Super Bowl tickets?

When delivering the cease and desist order, Anheuser-Busch finished by extending an olive branch to Modist, offering two employees tickets to Super Bowl LII – where they can enjoy some Bud Light.

That's nice, but how will the brewery decide which of its two workers get to sit in the $3,000 seats?

Apparently everyone is wondering the same thing, because that's one of the questions Modist included on its FAQ page. They answered it with this GIF:

"We’re pretty sure this was their way at jabbing us back," Paredes told GoMN. "They had to know the decision over what to do with the tickets would be a difficult one."

He added: "Maybe we’ll joust for them in the back."

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