After 4-year wait, Prince releasing 2 new albums Tuesday


The wait is over: After four years, Prince is releasing not one, but two new albums Tuesday, The Associated Press reports.

The Minnesota music icon is releasing "Art Official Age," marking his return to Warner Bros. Records. The release comes about six months after a licensing deal was struck between Prince and Warner Bros., Spin magazine reported. Cash figures were not disclosed, but the parties note that Prince again has ownership of his songs’ master recordings.

Billboard magazine reported that the deal allows Prince to regain ownership of his catalog after a famous split with Warner Bros. in 1996, when the artist called himself a slave to the label, changed his name to a symbol, and blasted the recording industry.

Also new Tuesday is the album "Plectrum Electrum" from Prince's all-female band 3rdEyeGirl.

"I'm completely surrounded by equal talent," Prince tells the AP in an exclusive interview. "To me it feels like heaven."

“Art Official Age” and “Plectrum Electrum” mark the first new studio albums from Prince since the release of “20Ten” in 2010.

The release of the "Art Official Age" and "PlectrumElectrum" tops off an eventful year for Prince, which has included a post-Super Bowl guest-acting gig on the hit FOX sitcom "New Girl," a tour of London and a takeover of the "Arsenio Hall Show."

Also, the soundtrack album to Prince's classic movie "Purple Rain" turned 30 in June.

A deluxe reissue of the "Purple Rain" soundtrack is also coming, but Prince tells the AP that the release isn't about living in the past.

"Same album, just state-of-the-art sound," Prince says. "It's nice that it sounds better for the fans but I live in the now. I don't have to go backwards to celebrate."

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