Al Roker is apparently a huge fan of this Minnesota chef

Roker at TWO of his restaurants this week.

For an up-and-coming chef, there's probably nothing that says you've made the "big time" quite like a budding bromance with Al Roker. 

Such seems to be the case with Gavin Kaysen, an award-winning Minnesota chef who's gotten not one, but two big Twitter shout-outs (and probably a lot of national exposure) from the Today Show host himself. 

Here's the first tweet, which came on Wednesday:

And the second tweet, which Roker sent out later in the day:

So it's probably safe to say Roker is a fan of Kaysen's. But how did it happen? reports the NBC weatherman was in Minnesota this week to shoot a segment for Today's "Summer of Yes" series, and on Tuesday dined at Spoon & Stable – the acclaimed restaurant that Kaysen opened to huge fanfare in 2014

Cool, right? That probably would've been the end of it, but fate – or more specifically, a flight cancellation (as the tweets suggest) – intervened, and Roker ended up eating at Kaysen's new restaurant, Bellecour

For his part, Kaysen responded to each tweet, thanking the news host for his patronage:

Bellecour opened in Wayzata earlier this year, also with much fanfare (and a full reservation book). 

Kaysen has won a James Beard award, and appeared on popular cooking shows like "Iron Chef America."

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