All the Baja Sol restaurants in the Twin Cities seem to be closed

The chain hasn't said anything about all its shops being closed.

If you're trying to get a bite to eat at Baja Sol, you're out of luck. 

It looks like all seven of the Twin Cities fast-casual restaurants have closed, according to the Star Tribune and the Business Journal

The company seems to have closed without any notice. 

Baja Sol hasn't posted any notice on its website or social media, and the phone calls we made Friday morning to two locations – in Minneapolis and St. Paul, which were supposed to be open – either went straight to voicemail or seemed disconnected. 

The chain has had some financial problems in the past. The former owners filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013 – they owed more than $2.1 million, Bluestem Prairie reported.

But in 2016, the new CEO Tim Jurek told the Business Journal all about plans to expand by two restaurants in 2017. 

We're reached out to Baja Sol for comment – both via email and phone – but haven't heard back. 

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