Always wanted to run from zombies? Head to Moorhead this weekend

Sounds like a gory good time, but it's actually a public service.

Now might be a good time to observe Survival Rule#1 from Zombieland: Cardio.

That's because there's a Zombie Fun Run happening in the Fargo-Moorhead area on Sunday.

It'll pit runners against "specially trained zombies" along the race route, which starts at noon in Fargo's Lindenwood Park and ends at 4:00 p.m. in Goosebury Mound Park across the border, according to a news release.

The undead will try to steal participants' "life flags" (sort of like flag football) as they make their way through the course, organizers say.

And the cool part is, runners are invited to dress up as zombies themselves (which we're pretty sure would be the first time the undead have ever chased after their own). 

Why the dead are swarming Fargo-Moorhead

Despite the rapidly approaching Halloween season, as well as the impending return of AMC's The Walking Dead, the run actually has little to do with zombies. It's really a public service with an important goal: disaster preparedness. 

Organized by Cass Fargo Emergency Management, a local government agency that coordinates plans for natural and man-made disasters, the fun run is part of National Preparedness Month.

“It’s everyone’s personal responsibility to be prepared for emergencies," program manager Jim Prochniak said in the release. "The zombie run is an exciting way to create awareness for preparing our community to be resilient in the face of a disaster.”

So where does the actual "preparedness" part come in?

When a runner or walker (a human walker, that is) has his or her flag stolen along the race route, officials say, they'll be able to get it back "by answering emergency preparedness questions."

The run is non-competitive, and also not timed. It's just about running from cannibalistic corpses, and hopefully learning something about what to do when real-life disaster strikes. 

The details

Registration costs $10-15, depending on which course you pick.

There's a 1K youth run (for kids 12 and under who don't want to be chased by zombies), and the main event, a 5K zombie fun run for participants ages 8 and up.

There'll also be food trucks, games, live music, and emergency responders on hand to talk about disaster preparedness.

You can register for this Sunday's event right here

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