Amsterdam hates Pedal Pubs more than Minneapolis

The Dutch city banned them this week.
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You think people don't like Pedal Pubs in Minneapolis? Check out Amsterdam.

The Dutch city has banned what the BBC refers to as "beer bikes" after complaints from locals about tourists becoming drunk and disorderly.

This had led to them becoming a "public order problem," with the boozy vehicle experiences being a popular attraction for bachelor parties.

The Guardian reports it has led to public drunkenness, lewd behavior and urinating in the street – and let's remember this is Amsterdam, a city famous for its relaxed approach to personal enjoyment.

Amsterdam's dislike of the traveling bar mirrors, albeit on a larger scale, the movement seen in Minneapolis the past few years, where the sight of cycle bars making their way through downtown and northeast have been a cause of occasional local ire.

This reached a head in 2015 where several Pedal Pubs were the victims of a coordinated attack by a gang armed with water balloons and squirt guns . Unfortunately for the attackers, the third pub attacked was carrying several off-duty police officers.

The anti-Pedal Pub fervor has quietened since, though the news from Amsterdam attracted the attention of the 4,600-member strong "I Hate The Pedal Pub" Facebook group in Minneapolis.

They shared a post from another anti-bike bar group, this one in Milwaukee, who asked: "Can we be next ... PLEASE?"

MinnPost details the history of Pedal Pubs in the Twin Cities, which dates back to 2007 when Pedal Pub LLC became the first business of its kind in the U.S., and was given the legal go-ahead to operate by then Gov. Tim Pawlenty in 2009.

MinnPost notes that dozens of complaints were submitted in the years after they started operating, including for excessive noise, illegal parking, rolling through stop signs, and passengers littering, vomiting and trespassing.

But people who try it, love it

That said, for all the complaints, PedalPub Twin Cities has some damn good reviews among those who try it out, with a 4.5 rating based on 24 reviews on Yelp.

It has the same rating on TripAdvisor, ranking at No. 4 out of 128 of the best nightlife in the Minneapolis.

The company has seven routes including downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, Dinkytown and northeast.

Rival company The Traveling Tap has similarly stellar reviews, running three routes in downtown and northeast Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul.

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