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And the winner of the Pioneer Press Peeps contest is...


Many newspapers and other organizations across the country host competitions that award prizes for the best Peeps dioramas, but the Pioneer Press' annual contest was the first of its kind.

Started in 2004 as a way to fill space in the newspaper on Easter Sunday, The New Yorker's profile says, it has become a hugely popular feature as pun fans vie for the most clever diorama starring the marshmallow Easter staple.

Diorama makers approached topics ranging from the seriousness of the Black Lives Matter protests ("All Peeps Matter") to this year's most popular theme: "50 Shades of Grey," the Pioneer Press says. The newspaper got over 100 entries for the 12th annual contest.

The winner of the coveted toothbrush trophy goes to William Sinnen of Chaska, who chose a theme with a local angle that put Minnesota high schools in the spotlight for its "Bring It On" situation.

Sinnen's "The Scandalous Dance Debacle of 2015" is based off of an incident at the state high school dance competition earlier this year when five other teams snubbed the Faribault Dance Team, accusing them of not using original choreography. Coaches involved were handed down their punishments last week.

On making the diorama, Sinnen said "I had to make 245 chairs by hand. That was nuts. It's a sickness, but I had fun."

Second place went to "50 Shades of Peeps" by Robin Kleinert of Eden Prairie. It was one of four dioramas that featured the popular book or movie, the Pioneer Press says.

And in third place is "The Peeps at Apostle Islands" by Kim Spear of St. Paul. She hand knit some of the clothes the Peeps wore, but she said making the icicles was the hardest part.

"Doctor Peepenstien" by David Mair of Vadnais Heights, Rebecca Jo Malmstrom of St. Paul and Adam Overland of Minneapolis won first place for best video.

"While the sugar and lack of structural integrity of the Peeps were certainly problematic for stop motion, the real challenge was the realization that we were grown adults who were making a video with marshmallow Peeps," Mair told the Pioneer Press.

View the Pioneer Press' slideshow of all the entries here, and other video entries here.

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