Andrew Wiggins' pup Cassie is a very good dog

His dog Cassie dominates his social media pages.
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Andrew Wiggins likes two things: basketball, and his dog, Cassie.

If you follow Wiggins on Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram, you're bound to see countless posts on his adorable pup.

Fans seem to be obsessed with the dog, too, as it's usually a common theme on the Timberwolves' subreddit page

As of Monday afternoon, one of the top threads is dedicated to the canine. The subject heading reads: "What's Cassie up to?"

Wiggins isn't alone in his obsession with his pet. His teammate, Minnesota native Tyus Jones, also has a dog that probably has more Instagram followers than you.

Duke Stones Jones is a Husky Pomeranian mix that has over 5,000 followers.

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