Another Minnesota 'Stranger Things 2' connection has been made

'Stranger Things 2' has introduced us to a local band that we never knew existed.

Dustin's Science Museum hoodie isn't the only nod to Minnesota in the second season of Netflix's Stranger Things 2.

On Tuesday, The Current pointed out that the '80s soundtrack includes a song from local new wave band, Swing Set. 

Swing Set were active from 1983 to 1993, and the song "Blackout" from their freshmen album Life Speeds Up features in the phenomenally popular Netflix series.

It's played through Jonathan Byers' car speakers as he drives Will home in the second episode of the latest season. 

The Twin Cities Music Scene '70s-'80s Facebook group posted about Swing Set earlier this year, saying they drew inspiration from groups like The Beatles and REM to creative their own innovative sound.

"There were rave reviews by the critics but the band never got the national exposure they deserved," the post said.

Well, "Blackout" is getting some love now.

On Swing Set's Spotify page, "Blackout" has over 15,000 plays, while most other tracks have fewer than a thousand streams.

Half of the YouTube comments on the music video credit Stranger Things 2 for bringing them there, and one relative of a Swing Set band member took to Twitter to admit that the show has got her hooked on the alternative '80s rock track.

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