AIM is shutting down in December – so we're revisiting our embarrassing screen names

So we're sharing and explaining our embarrassing AIM screen names.
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AIM is shutting down.

On Dec. 15, AOL says it will turn off the beloved AOL Instant Messenger service. It will mark the end of a 20-year run for AIM, which kept 13-year-old you connected to your friends while your parents complained it was blocking the phone line.

You will not be able to save your Buddy List. But you can download your chat logs before Dec. 15. (Definitely save your away messages featuring early-2000s emo lyrics, too.)

What AIM's death will do to sites like or, only time will tell.

So before AIM plays its door closing sound for the last time, we thought it would be a good (or, more accurately, funny and embarrassing) idea to share the screen names of some GoMN personalities.

Josette Elieff
Screen name: joluvs2shopp

"Thinking back on this makes me cringe, but mine was joluvs2shopp. Which is ridiculous because I had no money as a middle schooler and shopping is my absolute least favorite thing. I don’t know what I was thinking.

And in the area where you could leave a little message, mine was most definitely a line from Gwen Stefani’s 'Hollaback Girl.' I hate middle school me so much."

Ben Holsen
Screen name: Beanlipps

"My dad’s nickname for me since I was a baby for some reason."

Nora Kelly
Screen name: BMUbuttercup92

"Because I liked the song 'Build Me Up Buttercup' by The Foundations. And obviii '92, when I was born – a staple to any quality screen name."

Reed Fischer
Screen name: rfiscal

"Basically it came to be because of Microsoft Word autocorrect. ... Back in those early days people were choosing really stupid names for handles. "

"So that was me being 'creative' but not embarrassing myself too much, [with something like] bigfisch69 or what have you."

Miles the DJ
Screen name: MAGoldChain31

"Initials + my favorite middle school accessory + @ReggieMillerTNT's number. I cleaned up ✔️"

Melissa Turtinen
Screen name: batmanmoo11 and Minna1107

"Batman is my favorite super hero and moo was part of a nickname my friend gave me when I wouldn’t stop mooing at sleepover camp when we were kids."

"The other was Minna1107 – Minna is what my brother called me when he was little, and 11 and 7 are my two favorite numbers."

Screen name: Ultraballa5000

"It was a derivative of 'Ultra Chef 5000,' which was the nickname bestowed upon my character in NBA Street V3 (for PS2)." 

"Do i think I had a dope screen name? Yes. Am I also embarrassed by it? Also yes."

Dana Wessel
Screen name: DWes134 and TalentedMrWessel

"Sort of a take on A-Rod's 'first initial plus the first three letters of your last name.' I originally wanted DWes34 (34 for Kirby) but it was taken. So I randomly added a 1 before it.

I eventually moved on to TalentedMrWessel because Talented Mr Ripley was a popular movie at the time and I thought Matt Damon was cool. A lot of awkward interactions with girls I thought were cute on both names."

Ryan Mayer
Screen name: Karloff23

"In honor of Boris. I was a big fan of old monster movies (and How the Grinch Stole Christmas). I’m, like, 18 months older than my wife, which put us two class years apart. When I went to college and she was still back in high school we chatted on AIM every night. Would we have stayed together without it? Eleven years married and one kid later I think the little yellow guy deserves a little credit."

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