Apple is replacing its pistol emoji with a bright green squirt gun

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The pistol emoji is getting a makeover.

Apple announced Monday it will introduce a bunch of new emojis when iOS 10 launches for iPhones and iPads this fall, including a bright green water gun – an emoji that will replace the current pistol.

The tech giant didn't offer an explanation for why it's replacing the emoji with a squirt gun, Fortune reports. But the company has a history of taking a stand against gun emojis – Buzzfeed says Apple and Microsoft both pushed for the removal of a rifle emoji from Unicode's newest release. (Unicode is the governing body of all things emoji.)

Apple's move comes about a year after a gun control advocacy group – New Yorkers Against Gun Violence – launched its #DisarmtheiPhone movement, a campaign to convince Apple to get rid of the gun emoji and take a stand against gun violence.

The group says it knows removing the gun emoji won't put an end to gun violence, but it's a symbolic statement to other companies and politicians, USA Today reports.

CNN Money says gun emojis have gotten people into trouble in the past. Teenagers in the U.S. have been arrested for using the pistol in social media posts that were considered threatening, and in France, a court ruled using the emoji could be considered a death threat.

In addition to the squirt gun emoji, Apple also announced more female athlete and professional emojis, a rainbow flag, more family options, and redesigns of other emojis will be included in the iOS 10 update.

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