April fool! A fake BBC report is making kids cry

The fake news story claimed the internet had been banned for kids under the age of 13.

The BBC made kids cry on April Fools' Day.

Or at least a fake BBC "news" article did.

According to Snopes, an article published under the British broadcaster's name claimed the internet had been banned for kids under the age of 13.

The story quickly spread over the course of a few hours, and then it was removed and replaced with a statement.

"We originally intended this to be a bit of fun for one internet addicted young man. It ended up reaching millions by total accident. We had our fun, but it got a bit out of hand," the website now says.

The original story that ruined the lives of some internet-loving kids (for a little bit, anyways) is still available to read here.

The parent who posted the photo above wrote on Reddit, "I decided to show the kids this morning. Daughter is hiding under blanket crying and my son ....well you can just see his expression."

According to the website that now exists in place of the prankster article, it has "no association whatsoever with the BBC." Note the prank URL and the actual BBC web address are slightly different.

The BBC has done its fair share of pranks though – like reporting on a Swiss spaghetti harvest.

You can find more of this year's great pranks here.

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