Are the uniforms in 'Fargo' right? MN State Patrol says ...

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You're watching "Fargo" season two, and Patrick Wilson is clomping through a chilly Minnesota-set scene as state trooper Lou Solverson in the 1970s.

And you ask yourself: Is that what the State Patrol actually wears?

(Editor's note: There are no spoilers for "Fargo" season two in this post – also, it's a great show and worth watching, and it was nominated for three Golden Globes this week.)

Well, the actual Minnesota State Patrol is here for you.

The agency broke the costuming down bit-by-bit in a recent Facebook post, everything from the type of belt buckle used (not quite right) to the maroon pants (spot-on, and unique to Minnesota).

Here's one sample, but check out the post below (or

" target="_blank">click here to see the full post on the State Patrol's Facebook page) for the full rundown.

"Hat: The maroon campaign hat is consistent, but the gold acorns and hat badge are not. We wear our acorns centered and touching on the hat. We also have a smaller brass hat badge."

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