At least 2 Minnesotans still alive on 'American Idol' ... 3rd in cliffhanger limbo

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Two Minnesotans made it through the first round of Hollywood auditions on "American Idol" Tuesday night – and for a third local contestant, her fate is hanging in the air due to an episode-ending cliffhanger.

Shannon Berthiaume (a 17-year-old from St. Paul) and Mark Andrew (a father who lives in Minneapolis and grew up in Eden Prairie) were both asked to audition one-by-one on the Idol stage as part of a group deemed the most memorable from the city auditions.

Both Berthiaume (watch her in the clip below) and Andrew made it through, as did all the other "memorable" contestants. The young St. Paulite did have a hiccup though, losing her way in the middle of “Sir Duke.” She got back on track however and finished the song strong.

But Gabby Zonneveld of St. Paul wasn't so lucky.

She was part of the other groups performing – in which at the end, half were kicked off and the other half stayed. Her performance of Delta Rae's "Bottom of the River" starts off strong, but 10-15 seconds in, gets flustered and stops.

Clearly rattled, the judge Keith Urban tells her it's alright ... as the episode's end credits begin rolling over the screen.

What happens to her? We won't find out until the next episode, set to air Thursday at 7 p.m. on FOX.

During the Minneapolis auditions episode, we actually saw five Minnesotans get a golden ticket to Hollywood: Andrew, Berthiaume, Cindy Jo Scholer, Gabrielle Noe’l and Courtney Guns.

Zonneveld – and at least a handful of others – weren't shown advancing during the auditions round. The others:

  • Setara Barukzoy – St. Paul
  • Zachary Johnson – Wendell
  • Kalise Randle – Robbinsdale
  • Matthew Riehle – St. Paul
  • Trevor Webster – Twin Cities
  • Katie Ziegler – Staples

Riehle and Guns appeared to get cut during one of the half-in, half-out rounds, and both later confirmed it on Facebook.

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Here's a list of everyone that was declared Hollywood-bound after the Minneapolis auditions.

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