Atmosphere is doing a Reddit AMA Friday (also, here's what an AMA is) - Bring Me The News

Atmosphere is doing a Reddit AMA Friday (also, here's what an AMA is)


Have a question for Atmosphere? You can ask them on Friday.

The Minneapolis hip-hop group is taking part in a Reddit AMA over on the /r/HipHopHeads subreddit.

It starts at 2 p.m. central, and if you've got a Reddit account, you can ask them any question you want. Whether they actually answer though is up to them.

Atmosphere's most recent album, "Fishing Blues," came out Aug. 12. Check out reviews here, and find it on Spotify here.

Wait, what's an AMA?

If you're not familiar, AMA is short for "Ask Me Anything" – it's basically a Q&A feature done through Reddit. There's even a dedicated subreddit, /r/IAMA.

The feature is also super popular, and can range from the president of the United States, to this guy who worked on the video game "No Man's Sky," to the CEO of a pharmaceutical company whose drug helped someone survive a brain-eating amoeba, to a guy with two penises (which, in case it's not obvious, is NSFW and contains some adult material).

The point is, they're incredibly varied, and give people a chance to ask questions of others they may not get to ask otherwise.

Usually they go really well –such as with Gordon Ramsay, who has done a few to generally rave reviews, most recently in June of 2016. Here's on snippet (and it's Gordon Ramsay so, here's your strong language warning):

Other times they go poorly. Very poorly.

Maybe the most infamous is a Woody Harrelson AMA from 2012, in which he barely answered any questions, and when he did, diverted it back to the new movie he was promoting, "Rampart."

As one user put it: "Reddit isn't a good venue to pitch your movie, it's a venue to pitch yourself."

Mashable has a list of seven other AMAs that went bad.

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