Aurora borealis lights up northern Minnesota

The north of Minnesota was treated to some beautiful sights.
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There was quite the light show in northern Minnesota on Wednesday night.

Satellite images shared by the National Weather Service show the spread of the aurora borealis over the northern tip of Earth, which followed a category "G3" geomagnetic storm.

The image above shows the auroral activity over the north of Minnesota.

And while the satellite image is black and white, the scenes on the ground were anything but, with some beautiful skies captured on camera and shared on social media.

As the Detroit Free Press notes, the northern lights are usually a winter phenomenon (because it's harder to see them during the lighter summer months).

However, there have been a couple of geomagnetic storms over the past few months that have sparked particularly strong auroral activity. notes that the best time to see the lights is generally between December and April.

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