Austin student's impassioned song catches fire on social media

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A haunting, original song posted by an Austin teenager to YouTube is making her a social media star.

Molly Kate Kestner's "His Daughter" is on its way to 200,000 YouTube hits after just a week – most of them just over the weekend.

"Okay....So this is probably my favorite song I've ever written," she says on a new musician's page on Facebook. "I wrote it a year ago but I never posted it because I wanted to save it for my senior solo, but now that's over ... so I am FINALLY sharing it with the world. It's called 'His Daughter' and it is a story. So I hope you are inspired as I was when I wrote this. Happy Easter :)"

HLN, a website that tracks "must-see" videos of the day, calls Kestner's song about a woman's relationship with God, a "bone-chilling" performance.

Kestner told a Twitter fan that the story she tells in the song is not her own, but she drew on several people's stories as inspiration.

After seeing the tremendous response to the song, Kestner set up her own musician's page on Facebook, which drew 13,570 likes in just 48 hours, HLN notes.

A number of international websites have picked up her story, including a Chilean news source that suggests Kestner is the new Justin Bieber.

Kestner was recently named Distinguished Young Woman of Minnesota for 2014 as part of a national scholarship program.

Check out more of her performances on her YouTube page.

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