Beauty parlor's pink paint job angers local council

Brooke Fleetwood has been ordered to change the color of her business.

A beautician's decision to paint her fledgling business pink has landed her in hot water with city hall – which is located just across the street.

Brooke Fleetwood painted her business, BB Makeup Cosmetic Bar & Spa, pink in July, and within days received a phone call from the city council in Hudson, Wisconsin.

A letter arrived at the end of last month giving her just 30 days to repaint her business, but she's refusing to back down, submitting an appeal and starting an online petition to keep her premises pink. It has garnered almost 7,000 signatures so far.

When she went ahead with the paint job, Fleetwood wrote on Facebook that she "didn't have the courage to be myself" when she was younger, and has decided to make "my dream my reality."

But as the Pioneer Press reports, the city council says the pink paint violates city zoning codes, which includes guidelines in place to ensure that building exteriors "prevent visual disharmony" and don't "detract from the character and appearance of the district."

The newspaper notes that Fleetwood was told a year ago she couldn't paint her Third Street business pink, but grew more frustrated when she saw other businesses painted in non-neutral colors while she wasn't allowed to paint hers.

“So why are you discriminating against the pink?” she asked the city.

Fleetwood offers cosmetic services, hairstyling and makeup lessons at her shop, which she told the Star Tribune attracts customers from "all over the world," who in turn spend money elsewhere in the city.

The newspaper says the next step in the standoff will likely see Fleetwood appeal at the next meeting of Hudson's Design Review Committee, and if they don't agree to the pink paint, she'll likely have to go before the full council.

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