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Bench spoof goes viral for Twin Cities graphic designer


A creative spoof has garnered some extra attention for a few Realtors in the Twin Cities area.

Phil Jones is an advertising industry art director who apparently has quite the interesting sense of humor.

MPR News reports Jones substituted his own image on the image of a half-dozen realtors whose faces were on bus stop benches around town.

Jones bought wigs and did his best to imitate the wardrobe and lighting used in the original ads and even used double-sided tape to complete the parody. He then attached his image over the images on the bench advertisements.

Some of the images have Jones, complete with his 5 o'clock shadow, in a women's wig and clothing.

The spoof has gone viral as a page on Buzzfeed has been viewed over 280,000 times.

Jones said he has a deep respect for people who put their images on a bench, knowing what people do to them.

He told MPR, "It really is one of the only professions where you're forced to put your photo on stuff. I really feel for these people having to put their faces on a billboard, knowing what usually happens to bus stop billboards."

How do the realtors feel about the spoof? Most of them handled it with a sense of humor, according to the Pioneer Press.

"I don't mind," Scott Parkin told the Pioneer Press on Tuesday. "You can't put your face out there like that and not expect something to happen to it. We get mustaches, and our teeth blacked in, it's hilarious."

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