'Best idea ever': Those Arby's venison sandwiches sold out in minutes

Minnesotans love their deer meat. Even from Arby's, apparently.
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Minnesotans love their deer meat.

Arby's introduced a venison sandwich Friday (a day before firearm deer season opens), and it sold out within 15 minutes at the St. Louis Park restaurant, Jonathan Maze tweeted.

There were just 70 venison sandwiches available at the St. Louis Park location, the Star Tribune says, noting people were lined up before 10 a.m. to get one. Three other Minnesota Arby's – two in St. Cloud and one in Cloquet – also sold out way before noon, KARE 11 reports.

Arby's released these sandwiches in Wisconsin and Georgia on Friday as well, where they also quickly sold. The Nashville Arby's – which debuted the sandwich Tuesday – sold out of its more than 250 sandwiches in 5 hours, with the manager of the store telling The Tennesseean "Some people drove from an hour away to try it."

The good news is Arby's tweeted Friday saying it was testing the venison sandwich at a few locations, and hopes to expand it to more restaurants in the future.

But ... was it good?

So how is it? Here are some tweets from people who were able to get their hands on one.

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