The best State Fair activities for kids – your picks

Our readers with children singled out Miracle of Birth, Alphabet Forest and a lot more.

This story is part of our 2017 Minnesota State Fair Music, Food & Beer Guide.

The Minnesota State Fair is 100 percent what you make of it – especially if your kids are coming. If they get bored, it could get ugly. Why leave anything to chance?

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To help maintain the good vibes from start to finish, here are some activities recommended by fellow fair-going parents.

Actually, don't bring your kids

Not the answer we were expecting, but hey. If you can get a sitter, that's one way to handle this. But let's move along.

Go on some kid-friendly rides

Several folks mentioned the giant slide, and it's no wonder. Slides rule. Lots of Adventure Park ideas here, and the Midway/Kidway has even more.

The DNR Building

To actually access that link, click here. And you can always gauge interest in the fish pond ahead of time with this live feed:

The Miracle of Birth Center

If the title doesn't make it crystal clear, you will witness animals – from cows to pigs to goats to sheep – giving birth. And then you can be the first to meet some adorable calves, lambs, kids (aka baby goats), and piglets as they enter the world. Not for everyone, but pretty incredible. More info here.

Alphabet Forest

A lot going on here. Stop by to take pictures with State Fair letters, create alphabet Ferris wheels, add words to the Fair Dictionary and meet a different children's book author each day. Check out the full schedule here.

Little Farm Hands

This elaborate exhibit tracks food from the farm to the grocery store. Kids (ages 3-10) get to interactively take part in all steps of the process.


If you're more than just a little bit excited about horses, this traveling exhibit is probably the spot for you. Plus, you can inspect a horse skeleton up close.

There's even more fair ideas for kids in this thread and the State Fair's Fun Finder tool.

This story is part of our 2017 Minnesota State Fair Music, Food & Beer Guide.

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