We get it – you like Minnesota State Fair food

Here are your picks for the best foods at the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

This story is part of our 2017 Minnesota State Fair Music, Food & Beer Guide.

We asked, and the response was incredible. Our Facebook request for the best foods to get at the Minnesota State Fair yielded hundreds of suggestions. Here are a few of the highlights.

A sit-down breakfast?

Yes, this is still possible at the fair.

For the in-early, out-before-noon crowd, here's one of the best ways to ensure that you actually chew the food you're consuming.

Then get a corn dog. No, get a Pronto Pup. No ...

Good luck resolving this old argument. Slightly different batter recipes can really rile up fairgoers.

If some sort of battered hot dog on a stick is your favorite, you are not alone.

Speaking of food on sticks ...

This is only a fraction of the foodstuffs on a stick you can get at the fair.

Sometimes the classics are the best.

A lot of you just look forward to a high-quality hot dog. We can smell the fried onions from here.

Or sweetcorn at the peak of the season drenched in butter.

Or the timeless Fresh French Fries.

Or molten-hot cheese curds. Yum.

Finally, let's roll out the dessert cart.

Not that we really have "meals" at the State Fair.

This stand often has a heckuva line. Justifiably so.

Oh wait, yet another thing on a stick. Find it here.

OK, that's only a few mouthfuls of the delights you recommended. So much more here

This story is part of our 2017 Minnesota State Fair Music, Food & Beer Guide.

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