Bill Murray, the singer, performs in Minneapolis Friday night

It's the same Bill Murray, but he's putting on an entirely different show.
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Legendary actor and comedian Bill Murray will be joined by cellist Jan Vogler as they bring their New Worlds music tour to the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis Friday night. 

Music? Yes, music. 

Think of Murray as the lead singer with Vogler on cello, his wife Mira Wang on violin and Vanessa Perez playing the piano. 

Confused? Don't be. It's supposed to be an amazing performance. 

The Chicago Tribune has a great description of what the audience in Minneapolis can expect. 

"As conceived by Vogler and Murray, the show was about building bridges between New and Old World cultures, about celebrating the connections, often unexpected, between literature, poetry and music, and how top-flight performers from different artistic disciplines, bonded in friendship, can illuminate those connections."

Their tour was in Houston earlier this week and it drew a rave review from Houstonia Magazine, which described it as a show that "has to be seen to be believed," while adding: 

"All told, the nearly two-hour set ranged from a group singalong of Gershwin’s “It Ain’t Necessarily So” to sidesplitting excerpts of James Thurber to renditions of Ravel, Piazzolla, Shostakovitch, Mancini, and Bernstein. Murray even tangoed with Wang."

Murray will probably make the audience laugh, but don't expect the star of Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day to put on a comedy show. 

And remember, if Murray can handle being the official team psychologist of the St. Paul Saints (in addition to part owner), he can certainly handle a little artistic history and classical music. 

Tickets are still available, ranging from $45 to $125. You can buy them here

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