Blame us! Jerrid Sebesta is back to work ... at BringMeTheNews!

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After a quick breather from the Twin Cities media scene, former KARE 11 meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta is back.

This week, Sebesta joins KARE alum Rick Kupchella and our team at BringMeTheNews. Sebesta floated this teaser to his army of Twitter followers a few days ago ...

... and fans have been atwitter:

So without further adieu ... Starting Tuesday, Sebesta will bring his unstoppable social media energy and love of 'all things weather' to BringMeTheNews’ radio network – as well as (Also look for him on all of BMTN’s social media channels, where he will engage and charm the heck out of you.)

Check out Jerrid's bio right here.

'Things Change'

When Sebesta left KARE not long ago, his star was rising. Speculation swirled like a July twister. He says the plan was to move his family to South Dakota to be closer to family, but sometimes, “things change.” The right job didn’t materialize and the former weatherman-turned-social media star had to rethink his entire plan. The timing and opportunity at BringMeTheNews were right, and serendipity ensued.

The KARE connection

Rick Kupchella and I first “met" Jerrid via his weather audition tape nearly 10 years ago. He and Sven Sundgaard were up for the weekend weather job while Rick and I were anchoring the weekends. Rick and I watched both tapes, turned to our news director and said, “Hire that Jerrid kid. No one is going to take a meteorologist named Sven seriously. “ (Sven, you know we love you, buddy.)


Obviously KARE ignored our advice, hired the wildly popular Sven, and later hired Jerrid for weekends. In the four years Sebesta was at KARE, he did the impossible. He carved out a name for himself even in the shadows of uber-popular meteorologists Belinda Jensen and "The Sven." He did it with a conversational style and a single hashtag. #blamejerrid now has more than 14,000 followers and is still the people’s choice for all things that just don’t go their way.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

Jerrid, you are going to fit right in with this very cool group of BringMeTheNews staffers. And we can’t wait for our audience to be a part of it.

Welcome to the team, Weather Dude. There are plenty of snacks in the kitchen – but we’ve hidden the booze (you can’t blame us for that).

- Amy Hockert
BringMeTheNews Editor in Chief

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