Flights grounded at MSP, blizzard warning in place for Twin Cities

The Twin Cities could get between 12-18 inches of snow.
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UPDATE 5:40 p.m. 

The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport remains grounded, no flights in and no flights out. Airport officials are hoping to clear runways by 9 p.m.

The State Patrol, as of 4:15 p.m., has counted 320 crashes statewide on Saturday, 37 of them resulting in injury, including two serious injuries in Brainerd and St. Cloud and one fatal crash in the west metro. 

In addition, there have been 442 spinouts. 

Roads remain closed in southwest and south-central Minnesota where travel is nearly impossible. Keep tabs on the latest road conditions right here

UPDATE 2:30 p.m.

Flights have been grounded at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport as the blizzard intensifies across southern Minnesota.

MSP Airport said it's hoping to resume operations by 7 p.m. this evening, with heavy snow and gusting winds wreaking havoc on air and road traffic. Earlier today, 2 inches of snow fell at the airport in just an hour.

Road closures are now starting to appear in southeast Minnesota, including Highway 52 south of the Twin Cities.

UPDATE 12:55 p.m.

A blizzard warning has been extended to include the Twin Cities and parts of western Wisconsin.


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The National Weather Service expanded its warning area at Saturday lunchtime.

It's predicting between 12-18 inches of snow for the metro area, which will be accompanied by winds creating blizzard conditions through tonight.

11 a.m.

More than 400 crashes and spinouts have been reported on Minnesota roads since Friday, with roads now closing because of heavy snow.

The worst hit area as of Saturday morning is in southwest Minnesota, which has taken the early brunt of the storms.

Dozens of county roads and highways have been closed, with winds causing drifting and blowing snow that render driving practically impossible.

Roads in and out of Lincoln, Lyon, Murray and Pipestone counties are closed, as are Highways 19, 71 and part of 68.

It's going to get worse for the Twin Cities as the day wears on, with the National Weather Service now predicting the metro area will get between 12-18 inches of snow by the time the storm has finished.


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The predicted morning lull in the metro hasn't materialized, with the NWS saying areas of southern Minnesota cold see more than a foot-and-a-half by the end of Sunday.

The blizzard warning has been extended as well, now including parts of the south metro.

The State Patrol says there have been 245 crashes, 230 spinouts and 8 jackknifed semis reported since Friday.

One of those crashes was a pedestrian fatality in Medina, though it's not clear if the weather was a factor. Two meanwhile have been seriously injured in Brainerd.

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