Block star: Prince turned into Lego-like figure by custom toymaker

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Minneapolis-born rock star Prince is also now a block star, courtesy of a European company that custom-makes Lego-like products. says it can produce a unique figure of the Purple One for 13.99 in British pounds, or about $23.50 in the U.S. The figure, pictured on the Minifigs website, appears to be of the "Purple Rain"-era Prince from 1984, wearing a purple coat and ruffled shirt.

In the photo advertising the block figure, the company calls it, "The Minifig formally known as Prince."

The custom Prince piece – which does not appear to be officially sanctioned by Prince or Lego – are only made when ordered. The company says the current dispatch time for custom-made figures is three weeks, noting, "They're hard to make!"

Prince has been turned into a plaything before, but its existence was short-lived.

In November 2012, Prince sent a cease-and-desist letter to a Seattle-based artist who created a 12-inch tall marionette puppet of Prince for a series of photos and videos online.

According to Spin, Troy Gua was forced to erase from the Internet a photo series featuring the puppet, dubbed "Le Petit Prince." Gua pictured the puppet of the music legend in his most iconic poses, including a shot of Prince atop a mini motorcycle – a la the movie poster and soundtrack cover pose from "Purple Rain."

If Prince ever does decide to let a toymaker officially immortalize him in plastic, he'll be in good company. The culture blog Babble has a slideshow of 12 rock star dolls and action figures, which includes miniature versions of John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger.

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