Book by celebrated 'viral' Grand Forks food critic ready for debut

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Marilyn Hagerty's earnest review of her local Olive Garden restaurant brought the 86-year-old Grand Forks Herald columnist world-wide attention and a chance to be wined and dined in the trendiest New York restaurants.

Now Hagerty's book, 'Grand Forks: A History of American Dining in 128 Reviews' is ready for pre-orders on The Herald reports the book is a collection of her restaurant reviews over 25 years with some recent updates. The book is published by chef, author and TV personality Anthony Bourdain's who calls the book 'Part Fargo, part Lake Wobegone. It's the antidote to snark. This book kills cynics dead.'

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Grand Forks' Marilyn Hagerty has book deal with celebrity chef

Chef Anthony Bourdain finds Marilyn Hagerty's restaurant reviews refreshing and heartfelt. In fact, he sees her life's work as a history of American dining. That's why he'll collaborate on a book with the 85-year-old Grand Forks Herald columnist. Hagerty's Olive Garden review that went viral last month was her unexpected meal ticket to the world of celebrity foodies.