Bring your dog on a day-drinking adventure with Sidewalk Dog's indoor brewery pass

Here's how to get 10 free beers at dog-friendly taprooms.

This story is part of GoMN's 2017-18 Winter Guide.

Every dog owner knows the look: that pathetic, ears down, "don't leave me here all by myself" face your pup puts on as you're walking out the door.

Sidewalk Dog, a resource for Minnesota dog lovers, can help you avoid that guilt trip this winter. 

Patio season may be long gone, but there are tons of dog-friendly taprooms in the Twin Cities these days. So Sidewalk Dog has teamed up with local breweries to give dog lovers the ultimate day-drinking adventure with the Indoor Brewery Pass.

It's a $25 ticket to free beer at 10 different breweries – including Fair State, Lakes & Legends, and Sisyphus Brewing – that have dog-friendly taprooms.

How it works: Buy the pass here, then leash up your furry best friend, review the doggie etiquette taproom rules, and see if you can drink all 10 free beers in one day. (It's one free beer per brewery.)

Okay technically, the beers aren't free since you pay $25 for the pass. But a craft beer usually costs between $5-8, so it's quite the deal. (Sidewalk Dog says don't forget to "tip like a motherpupper.")

Pass holders also score $10-off discounts to three popular pet suppliers. Plus a portion of the proceeds will go to Can Do Canines, which provides assistance dogs – at no cost – to people in need.

You don't have to have a dog to buy the indoor brewery pass, but you do have to promise to pet one during your taproom crawl.

And if you're not up for the challenge of hitting all 10 taprooms in one day, that's okay too. The pass won't expire until June 30, 2018. Read more of the FAQs here.

Don't worry, wine lovers, Sidewalk Dog has a pass for you too.

This story is part of GoMN's 2017-18 Winter Guide.

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