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Buffalo Wild Wings will open an Express restaurant in Uptown – with a self-serve beer wall

This will be the third Express location – and will feature a self-serve beer wall.

Buffalo Wild Wings is planning a new, small-format Express location in Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood.

But with a twist: a brand new, self-serve beer wall

This was first reported by the Business Journal, which said B-Dubs hopes to have this new Uptown space (in the Tum Rup Tai spot on Lake Street) open in April of 2018. A spokesperson for the chain confirmed the details.

Buffalo Wild Wings' first two Express locations, which opened in Edina and Hopkins this summer, feature a streamlined menu with a focus on takeout and delivery orders via DoorDash.

For this third Express location in Uptown, it's this self-serve beer wall that could really make it stand out.

OK, how does a self-serve beer wall work?

B-Dubs will be teaming with PourMyBeer, based in Illinois, Business Journal says. And the company has some YouTube demos uploaded.

Your card or cash payment gets tied to a beer pass – a card that uses RFID (the same technology in that Wisconsin company's chip implants for employees) to communicate with the beer wall. 

When you want a drink, you put that beer pass card up on the reader, then pull the tap. That's it. You can watch how much beer (or cider, or wine) you're pouring down to the tenth of an ounce. It counts up like a gas pump.

PourMyBeer limits the pass to two drinks' worth (that's 32 ounces for beer). After that, you have to go to a server who can refill the pass.

Because customers get billed for every tenth of an ounce, PourMyBeer says restaurants can save about 23 percent compared to a normal keg. It also means visitors can try a small amount of something and, if they don't like it, get something else without wasting a full beer.

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