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We all know about Bunny’s in St Louis Park. Everyone who has ever spent time in the Twin Cities area has a Bunny’s memory. Maybe it was a big Vikings win you saw there, that special someone you met over popcorn, or that time maybe you had a bartender call you a cab. Everyone has a Bunny’s memory.

Now it is time to create even more Bunny’s memories. They just opened a new location in Northeast Minneapolis. It takes the classic Bunny’s experience and adds some NOS. It’s everything you know and love about Bunny’s and transplants it in Northeast Minneapolis. Perfect for an entirely new generation to create memories at Bunny’s.

Why do I love Bunny’s Northeast? Let me count the ways....


I absolutely love the vibe at Bunny’s Northeast. It is a modern bar with an old school charm. The place is brand new and absolutely shines, yet still has that classic bar feel. Good beers, pull tabs, killer specials, and an amazing staff is part of what sets Bunny’s Northeast apart. There is nothing pretentious or phony about it. It has that Cheers-like vibe where you feel like you’re part of the Bunny’s family whenever you walk in. Not many bars today give me that feeling anymore. Bars these days feel very manufactured and forged. That’s why I love authentic places like Bunny's Northeast.

Nightly Specials

- The scene has changed a lot since I started using my real ID to get into bars about a decade ago. You used to see the nightly taco bar be a common occurrence at establishments. But lately, it has kind of become a lost art. But not at Bunny’s Northeast. They still roll out the delicious taco table for an hour every night of the week. Nothing better than loading up some tortillas on the house after a few beers.

- Tacos aren’t your jam? Bunny’s famous wings are on special every night of the week. You can get 6 wings for just $2.50. These aren’t the chintzy chicken wings you see at a lot of bars, either. Bunny’s does wings right. Big, juicy buffalo wings with enough girth to choke an elephant.

- Don’t forget about the nightly burger basket deal, either. $3.50 for a burger and fries? Get outta here. Nobody else has a deal like that.


- We all have different schedules. We all aren’t 9-5ers. Spots that only slap up omelets on Saturday and Sunday can be frustrating for people looking for a good breakfast during the week. Bunny’s Northeast fires up the griddles seven days a week at 8am. It is the go-to spot for Ben, Giselle and myself after shows. Come meet us there some morning.

- Let’s be honest, our age group is obsessed with breakfast and brunch. Nothing like recovering from the night before/kicking the off the next day with a plate of great food, friends, and maybe a morning cocktail. But have you ever noticed how much some places charge for a Bloody? Sometimes a single Bloody Mary ends up costing more than your meal.

That’s another area where Bunny’s Northeast crushes it. There are nine breakfast options that come with a complimentary Bloody Mary or Screwdriver. Check this, for example, you can order the Steak and Eggs -- Two eggs any style with a juicy steak served with your choice of hash browns or American fries & toast -- and a FREE Bloody for $13.95. That’s nuts. There are places I’ve been that charge that much just for a Bloody.


- Seriously, everywhere. There isn’t a spot in the house you can’t see one of their many giant TVs. Whether you’re bellied up ripping some pull tabs, chilling on at a high top, or cozied up in one of their giant booths, you can catch whatever you’re trying to watch.

- They are not the type of bar that just gets ESPN. I went in a few weeks ago looking to watch a rather obscure European soccer match. Not only did they get that channel, but they tossed it on the TV closest to my wife and I. Oh, which leads me to another point….

- I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a sports bar and asked if they got a certain channel just to be met with an indifferent shrug by a bartender. Or, if you make a simple request to change the channel they act like you just asked them to reprogram a nuclear satellite. It’s just a remote. It isn’t that hard. Thankfully Bunny’s employs smarter-than-your-average bartenders.

So there you have it. Those are just some of the reasons why Bunny’s Northeast has become one of my favorite hangs. You should definitely add it to your mix. Hit me up when you’re going. I'll buy you tacos at the complimentary nightly taco bar. Yeah, I am a pretty generous guy.

Look for this guy, bandana and constant sense of awe included.

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