Butt seriously: Hemorrhoid cream ad takes place in Kiester, MN

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A new commercial for hemorrhoid medication is fittingly set in Kiester, Minnesota.

The southwestern Minnesota city of roughly 500 people has been the "butt of many jokes," according to KEYC, but now it's embracing its name in a new Preparation H commercial.

The 15-second ad features a woman on a bicycle urging people to "get comfortable" talking about their "bum issues."


“If you look past what they’re advertising, it looks like a nice little place to live," Al Bauman, head of the town’s historical society, told the Mankato Free Press.

An ad agency approached the Kiester City Council asking permission to use the town in a new commercial, and the council "chuckled about it" but gave them the OK, Mayor Doug Trytten told the Faribault County Register.

Trytten, who told the paper the "jokes have been going on for years and years," said the commercial could give the town some needed publicity in the wake of the town losing businesses and schools in recent years.

"My thoughts are, maybe we can get some people to come here, to visit or live here. And who knows, maybe this commercial will air during the Super Bowl, and millions will see it," Trytten told the Faribault County Register.

And now Preparation H is throwing Kiester, a town of 501 people, a thank-you party on Tuesday, according to the city's website. People are invited to "get comfortable" at a town barbecue hosted by the hemorrhoid cream company – there will be food and "fun giveaways that will come in handy when comfort is most needed."

Kiester isn't actually named after someone's backside – it's in honor of Jacob Armel Kiester, a 19th century judge and state senator, the Mankato Free Press says.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen and inflamed veins in a person's anus and lower rectum.

And they're actually quite common. By age 50, about half of adults have symptoms that signal the presence of hemorrhoids, the Mayo Clinic says.

Preparation H research found more than 44 million people suffer from hemorrhoids, but don't take the steps to treat it, the Mankato Free Press says. The ad filmed in Kiester is meant to get people comfortable with using medication to treat the issue.

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